Our Story

Mad Batter by Risa was born out of my love for painting and my love for my then boyfriend (now husband), John.

One evening I was trying to come up with a nice little surprise treat for John, and since he liked brownies, I decided to whip up a batch. As I started decorating them, I just couldn't shake the fact they looked so ordinary. John was special and they needed something more than swirls and polka dots. I started drawing pictures. Then for fun, I decided to draw John's face.

 When he came home, John told me he'd had a rough day and was a little glum over dinner. But when he saw his batch of brownies, he smiled. Then he saw his face on it and had a good laugh. And to me there's no better feeling than making someone you love, happy.

 So I started painting brownies, and Mad Batter by Risa was born in February 2018.

During this pandemic, I started baking love!

My husband’s love for chocolate chip cookies is irresistible. I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies to satisfy his cravings with everything closed in the pandemic, and thought of sharing a picture of my freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with my customers on social media. Everyone loved the aesthetic appeal of the cookies, and I got a massive engagement from them. So, I decided to add them to my menu since they are easier to ship than brownies.

After getting bulk orders and positive reviews from my customers, I decided to add more flavors. So, this is where I got creative!

Each flavor speaks a different emotion. My best friends Charissa and Sandro suggested naming the cookies after Alice in Wonderland’s characters. Vivid colors made the cookies fun and unique!


The name Mad Batter by Risa is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter and his tea parties, a name my sister, Chriselle, came up with to name my online bakery. Similar to petit fours, Mad Batter by Risa is just the right size for a tea party, and perfect for snacking, too!