Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

It’s time to reveal the ingredient I’ve been using to add hints of salty flavor to all my baking goods. We never compromise on our quality standards because your health is always our top priority. 

I add Himalayan Pink Salt to my baked goods for their perfect taste, texture, and wholesomeness.

The following reasons will help you understand why Himalayan pink salt is better than NaCl or table salt. 

Regulates homeostasis

The pure and natural Himalayan salt regulates the homeostasis in your body by restoring electrolytic balance. The active mineral contents boost your body’s energy level and aids in detoxification. It has lesser sodium content than table salt, which prevents dehydration and retention of body fluids. 

Wholesome taste and nutrition

Himalayan pink salt has a tremendous nutritional profile. It’s wholesome because it doesn’t undergo rigorous processing or refining practices, just like table salt.

The pink salt block is enriched with minerals ( that are not readily available in common salt. The most significant attributes of Himalayan salts are:

  • More than 82 minerals 
  • The lesser concentration of sodium
  • Natural iodine content
  • Pure flavor 

It doesn’t affect the sensory properties of baked goods, which means it doesn’t alter the taste or flavor of our food. 

Improves digestion and sleep

The excellent mineral content of Himalayan pink salt ensures gut safety and mental health. 

It improves digestion by maintaining pH and strengthening immunity. A stronger immune system protects the body against mental and physical distress. The pink salt helps in the secretion of amylase that readily dissolves chunkier carbs in cookies. The better-digested flour is less likely to cause hormonal and nutritional imbalances. 

Moreover, the pink magic in Himalayan salt activates adrenaline and soothes your sleep cycle. 

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