The sweetest truth behind our sugar-free date cookies

Are you a cookie monster looking for some sugar-free cookie delights?

But, I hear your heart pleading: “My cookies are incomplete without Sugar.

Sugar and gluten-free baked goods are the new trendsetters in the bakery industry. Studies have shown white or cane sugar leaves devastating impacts on human health. It causes obesity, hypertension, and diabetes and disturbs mental health [1] [2].

No panic!! We’ve great news for you. Now you can satisfy your cookie cravings even when you’re on a sugar-free diet. Date sugar is a blessing for you if you’re looking for a sugar-free alternative.

Why is date sugar a better substitute for your sugar-free sweet treats?

Most artificial sweeteners are unhealthy and disturb the organic flavor of cookies.

First thing first, date sugar isn’t sugar at all! It’s a coarse powder of dried dates packed with flavor ideal for baking and healthy cooking. 

Strong Nutritional Profile

Dates are safe to call caramelized capsules rich in essential nutrients and biomolecules. As date sugar comes from dehydrated (raw) dates, its nutritional profile stays the same. These include minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and Vitamins.

Rich in Taste and Flavor

You won’t need to add nuts or dry fruits for extra flavor. The dried dates add roasted flavor to your cookies that makes them perfect for any occasion.

A Wholesome Fibrous Delight

Regulate your blood cholesterol and digestive system with sugar-free cookies.

Now you can eat your favorite cookies and maintain good gut health with only a few substitutions. Date sugar contains an incredible amount of dietary fiber. These nutritional fibers improve digestion, lower cholesterol, and strengthen the immune system.

A power pack of Antioxidants

Sugar-free cookies that contain date sugar are rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants capture free radicals and protect against heart, liver, and brain diseases. It also protects your body against inflammatory diseases and cell damage.

The final takeaway

It’s time to add some sweet colors to your healthy sugar-free diet. If you’re looking for any such delight, get your hands on our sugar-free date cookies now! 

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