Teacup Cookie Cakes

I feel incomplete without bringing the wonderland theme in my cake and other cookie delights. Being an artist, my urge for unique taste and design rejuvenates my baking soul. I always try to add hints of this theme in my bakery items because I know doing is better than just thinking!

Keeping the adventurous teacup party and curious Alice in Wonderland theme, I came up with the idea of teacup cookie cakes. But I definitely don’t want you to get overwhelmed and forget how to speak English!

These soft cookies in silicone cups are just like a chewy treat sent from paradise. The delicate teacup cookie cakes are great for your kid’s birthday parties, special school dinners, and playtime snacks. These cute cups on your table look adorable and create an attraction for anyone with a creative spine.

These cookie cakes are great for almost every occasion as you can customize them according to your will. Our cookies can perfectly fit into any theme, whether a tea party or a casual dinner. You can serve them as a dessert, a thanksgiving delight, or even send them as birthday gifts.  Cherish your favorite moments with our lovely teacup cookie cakes and trace them in your memories forever!


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